Ringing Roadshow

Roadshow 2014

The 2014 Ringing Roadshow was held at the Newbury Racecourse on Saturday 6th September.  There is a list of confirmed exhibitors, information for visitors and a seminar programme. Thanks go to the organising committee, and especially Jackie Roberts, for the fantastic event to which around 2,000 people came.

Ringing Roadshows have been held periodically since 1997. The aims are to provide a showcase for ringing organisations and vendors and an opportunity for ringers to meet, to buy ringing related things, to have a go on a mini-ring or handbells, attend seminars and so on.

Why bell ringers love shiplap cladding

To a bell ringer who attends the Ringing Roadshow, there are few things more important than the appearance of a bell tower, as well as the bells that are inside, shiplap cladding may just be the perfect decor. Depending on what era a bell tower was constructed in, it’s going to have varying styles of decoration, if we’re looking at middle age construction then you’re going to typically see stone clad buildings. More modern bell towers are far more likely to use shiplap cladding on the outside though which really gives a classical feel.


The problem with shiplap cladding bell towers

As I’m sure any regular attendee of the Ringing Roadshow will tell you, the problem with shiplap timber cladding is that it requires treatment in order to keep it on top for. These types of timber cladding are prone to feeling the effects of weathering and need varnishes and wood treatment in order to prevent any rot taking place. In future posts we’ll be talking a little more about different styles of bell towers.


The importance of a block and beam floor to the Ringing Roadshow

Bell ringing towers and the churches that contain them are often very heavy and harsh on the foundations of a building, that’s why a block and beam floor makes the perfect support system for them. In a recent church renovation that I was able to observe the construction of a block and beam floor and see just why they prove to be so useful. The pre-stressed concrete beam are compressed during formation which means that they are much stronger than typical concrete used to support bell towers in the past.

How block and beam flooring effects people of the ringing roadshow

The reason that you as bell ringing enthusiasts should care about this method of using a block and beam floor construction is because it’s often one of the cheapest and safest methods of floor construction in homes too! Not only do your beloved bell towers benefit from it but many people who are building their own homes can use this technique too.